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Sarvaan tells us how he made his first steps into the Osho Meditation Resort and that fateful signs and destined encounters are just around every corner

If there is one thing that I’ve learned in my month here in India is that fateful signs and destined encounters are around every corner. I have quickly graduated from the laws of accident (as it pertains to creating your life’s experiences) to the laws of fate. Nothing has happened to me by coincidence, though at first I was inclined to believe so.

Lately it seems as though everyone I meet is a Yogi in disguise, here to provide me with an important piece knowledge/wisdom that will help me climb another few feet up the mountain. The stories I’m told by fellow travelers all have a common thread. They had an experience that awakened their consciousness. They instictually felt that there was a way toward leading a better life. The life they were living was prescribed for them, not chosen. Their experiences had shown them that there was something out there that was beautiful, but not seen or explained by their current set of eyes. Another world with new experiences awaited them here in India and it was of paramount importance to make the pilgrimage.

”]Osho Meditation Resort

Yesterday I met a man who after dissolving a 30 year marriage felt his heart being called to India. However he had 2 big obstacles to overcome to get here. He had a dog that needed his caring and a need for $10,000-$15,000 and had no idea how to make his desires become reality. He put his thoughts out in space and within a few hours his path was cleared. First, his dog ran into the street and got hit by a car, as if to commit suicide for his master’s benefit. Sounds morbid but very poetic at the same time. Then, an old friend called him stating “I owe you $10,000 man, how do I get it to you as fast as possible?” Within a month he was in India following a path set forth by previously unknown forces. Now he owns a beautiful home less than 500 yards from the beach in Goa, working on medical advances that have the potential to change the course of history.

A few days before, I met a woman who has been traveling the world for 30 years, barely going home for respite, mainly because she gets respite on the road. She, like many of the travelers I come across, have no idea where the money or accommodations will come from, yet the ends are always met, and quite comfortably at that. The right opportunity or person always presents itself when needed. They all truly embrace the fact that the world (not America, Brazil, or Germany) is their home.

This brings me to my side of the story. After my last posting I went to my favorite cafe for a pot of lemon tea, basically just killing time and planning my trip down the southern coast the next day. I actually would have already hit the road, but I needed to get my laundry done and the laundry man I went to wouldn’t have my clothes ready until the following day. While sitting at my table I recognized an American sounding voice so I walked over and introduced myself to the gentleman who owned it. His name was Jeff and he was a fellow Californian living here in Pune with his wife for the past 12 years.

He invited me to join him and we spent the next few hours having incredible conversations about books, movies, spirituality, reality and motivations. Our talk led to the famous Osho Meditation Resort nearby where Jeff has been coming for the past 30 years. I shared my reluctance to go there, stating that I had heard that it was a spiritual Disneyland for yuppies and I wanted a more traditional experience. His response was “what could possibly be wrong with spiritual Disneyland?” I had to admit that I had no response to that, though I also didn’t want to wear the silly maroon robe, felt the price was too high ($11) , and didn’t like the feeling I got from the few maroon wearing Oshoites I had passed on the street.

Jeff, however, painted a much better picture for me of the culture inside the ashram, so I said what the hell, one day couldn’t hurt. I also felt much better about the fact that I had found a motel that was 1/4 of the cost of my previous place and on top of that, during a conversation with my mother that same day I found out that I got an unexpected commission check from my last job for almost $400. Going to the ashram was now well within my budget.

I delayed my plans to head south and the very next morning I registered for the ashram, bought my robes and attended an orientation that lasted a few hours. Afterwards, I went to explore the premises and what I found was the Garden of Eden; the closest thing to heaven on earth. The ashram is spread over 20+ acres of sprawling green trees, catfish ponds, rocky waterfalls, stone pathways and beautiful architecture.

The people inside represent every color, creed and country in the world. I have since met many Russians, Germans, French, Australian, English – you name it; all here to take in the beauty, tranquility and of course, camaraderie. I am however, one of the few Americans here and am enjoying being a yankee rep.

They have over a dozen different meditations being offered throughout the day, along with Archery lessons, Yoga, Tai Chi and many other free courses which can be taken at will. There is a large black bottom pool, basketball and tennis courts, a gym and ping pong. There are several places to get clean and healthy, although expensive food. They have movie nights, karaoke nights and dance parties. It’s a place where they try to entwine Zorba the Greek with Gautama Buddha, exactly the kind of spiritual balance I have been searching for.

All in all I found my own little slice of paradise. I even like wearing the not so silly maroon robe, as I do not own a piece of clothing here in India that comes close to the comfort of it.

The best part for me however, is the beautiful people I meet in and around the ashram and I’m speaking of inner, not outer beauty. Granted, most of the people here are spiritual tourists, looking for nothing more than a resort style atmosphere to lay by the pool for a few days. For me however, my purpose is spiritual growth and as such we practitioners on that path gravitate to one another. It has become easier and easier for me to recognize the character and intentions of the people I come across and it makes for some interesting daily encounters.

Anyway, after my first day, and what I believe will be a life long love affair with this ashram, I made a promise to my friend Jeff that I would do the morning meditation for 7 days straight. After about my second day of this grueling 1 hour meditation at 6am, I decided I wanted to put off my trip to the south and stay for an entire month.

At this time however, I was getting only about 2-4 hours of sleep at night due to my wacky sleep schedule and my motel which I’m sure is on the loudest street in India. I had to get away from this place where howling packs of dogs, all night revelers, and honking horns made it impossible to get a wink. When I woke up to a blood curdling scream at 3am that second night, that was it.

The next morning I was back at my favorite cafe and I struck up a conversation with a woman traveling alone from Mexico City. I shared my noisy accommodations story with her and she mentioned that there was an extra room available at the estate she was staying at.

I walked over with her later that day and couldn’t believe my good fortune. The street leading to the estate was lined with beautiful trees and large mansions. The available room was actually a guesthouse in the back of a large and pretty estate, not 200 yards away from the back entrance to the ashram. The room and bathroom were much more clean and there were no stray dogs, honking horns or blood curdling screams.

The place is very quiet and serene with pretty gardens and trees around every corner. My new place has a nice porch, a comfortable bed and high ceilings, though otherwise it is pretty spartan. The best part however, is that it costs me a mere 5000 rupees for the entire month, which comes to a ridiculous $3.50 a day.

For the first time in my life, the laws of attraction are not just a mystical new age theory to me. It’s my truth. Everything I have been asking the universe has been handed to me on a silver platter. Gone are the days of living by the laws of accident.

I also no longer worry about the life I left behind, fear my budget, or even contemplate what may happen tomorrow. Just 4 weeks in India have validated every decision I have made in the past few months. Decisions that were the hardest of my life and were strewn with doubt. I know now that I was destined to be here, uncovering one piece of wisdom after another on my way to the mountain top.

Text by Sarvaan

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