Devakrishna Transforms Ugliness into Beauty

Art Gallery

A slideshow of paintings by Devakrishna (Marco Giollo)

I am using recycled materials, plaster, mixed media and strong colours on canvas. I collect waste materials around the house and mix them with old jewellery, embroidery and old beadwork I buy at local flea-markets on my travels to Asia. With that I let go and create free floating compositions of forms and colours.

My message is how to transform ugliness into beauty, darkness into light, some sort of alchemy.

Symbolically outwardly – it is a recycle message, an eco statement: Use waste more creatively to make this planet a beautiful place. Inwardly and – very importantly – it is about transforming our inner selves, the gross negative emotions into their essential qualities, through awareness and meditation.

I just love to do that
perfect imperfections
beautiful and uplifting creations
light, clean and crisp atmospheres.

The series of Ganesh pictures started with a commission from an Indian restaurant. They bring back so many memories of my years in India!


DevakrishnaWe might remember Devakrishna (aka Marco Giollo or just plain Krishna) as one of the workers in Deeksha’s kitchen where most Italian speakers ended up. On the Ranch he was seen playing for Osho during the drive-bys and later we saw him in the percussion section of Nivedano’s Oshoba band. After returning to his native Switzerland he started painting again, remembering the techniques he had learned at art school in Lugano. He now lives with his wife Meera near Basel. He was recently in the news because he was part of a group of artists who donated a painting to the University of Basel for the research of rare illnesses in children. RARE – World Rare Disease collective exibition – slideshow on YouTube

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