Osho Festival in Italy


In Riccione, on the Italian Adriatic coast, 14-17 April 2011

Osho Festival Riccione
Osho Festival Riccione

This is an annual international event ,which will be held again in Riccione on the Italian Adriatic coast. This year the dates are: 14-17 April 2011.

The Italian Osho Festival was initiated by the Italian book distributor Oshoba back in 2000 and in the last few years it had each time 1000 enthusiastic participants, who flocked in from all over Europe. Some of the feedback read “A celebration of life at its best…” “A journey inside myself… I’ll bring home so many beautiful things.”

There will be four days full of joie de vivre, rich with meditations, workshops and events offered by facilitators like Anando, Aneesha, Svagito, Leela (Waduda), Siddho… and many others. Plus dances, live music and… the biggest AUM meditation in the world! Most of the events are in English (with Italian translation).

Two lotteries will be held, with the chance to win, amongst many other prizes, a 15-day free stay at the Guesthouse of the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune.

The venue is the Congress Center of the 4 star hotel Le Conchiglie which will allow the Festival to offer a very rich and varied programme, with up to 3 events happening at the same time! Special rates for Festival participants are also available at other hotels nearby.

Programme and all info in English at oshoba.it

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