I was extremely pleased to get your letter

A Cup of Tea

A Cup Of Tea (3)

My respects to you.

Osho speaking


I was extremely pleased to get your letter.
So far I have not written anything
but a meditation centre has started here
where some friends are experimenting.
When I have some definite results
there is every possibility of my writing something.

About my experiments on myself,
I am sure and certain,
but I want to test their usefulness to others.
I do not want to write anything
in the manner of philosophy,
my outlook is scientific.

I want to say something about yoga
based on certain psychological
and para-psychological experiments.
There are many illusory notions held about it
and these have to be refuted.
Therefore I am experimenting here also.

It is clear to me that this work
is not for promoting any group or cause.

If you ever come here
we can talk more about all this.

Osho, A Cup of Tea

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