Art Gallery — 29 May 2011

Osho’s artistic signatures which he painted in his books

Many enlightened Masters have been writers and poets but I don’t know of even one who is an artist except our own beloved master, Osho. Even many sannyasins don’t know that he was a painter and it seems that none of his early work exists. What is available, although not widely, are the amazing artistic signatures and artwork which he did on the front pages of his books.

In Poona 1 I was fortunate to work on the veranda of his library in Lao Tzu House and remember waiting with great anticipation to see his latest art work in the books which he had just read. He used coloured pens but by 1976 the chemicals and smell of the pens became too much for his health and he had to stop using them.

In about 1987 a Japanese sannyasin, Gatasansa, had the idea to make silk screen prints of 21 signatures and 21 paintings. Osho loved the idea and gave the go ahead. These prints can be seen on but it is difficult to find examples of Osho’s artwork elsewhere.

Text by Veena, first published in Osho in UK

Some years ago a book was planned to reprint a selection of his signatures and the following excerpts were prepared for this project (not yet materialised):