Tears of Gratitude


Shahido shares her joy of blessings in abandon

Beloved friends,

I can’t help but send this photo out to everyone and share what a beautiful day we all had on Sunday in Sydney all together, I wish we could do it every Sunday!

Meditation Sydney

Today I am feeling so blessed as Swami Arun called me last night with the good news that he is coming again on the 21st December and I am so grateful that Osho’s lovers from India and Nepal are coming to share Osho’s grace with us.

I know why we all go to the East – because we have lost something in our culture with our pursuit of technology and other pursuits; Osho’s people from India and Nepal haven’t lost this sweetness and love. I have felt for some time that here in Australia we would like to welcome more Indian and Nepalese friends to share their grace with us and thus awaken that love and grace which has just got a bit covered over.

I woke up this morning to the birds singing just outside my window and felt so blessed… then one of my friends sent me a good morning wake up e-mail and I felt even more blessed… we are so lucky to have this master who has put us in touch with ourselves and with existence and with each other.

I am crying right now tears of gratitude to him. I wish you a beautiful day; remember yourself and Osho and each other.

Lots of love


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