I have just returned from Rajnagar in Rajasthan

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (13)

My respects to you.

I have just returned from Rajnagar in Rajasthan.
I was invited to a religious function there
organized by Acharya Shree Tulsi.
I put four hundred monks and nuns
through an experiment in meditation.
The results were extraordinary.

Osho talking in Bombay

In my view
meditation is the essence of all religious practice.
All the rest –
such as non-violence, renunciation of wealth,
celibacy etc. – are just its consequences.
With the attainment of samadhi,
the culmination of meditation,
all these things come by themselves,
they just happen naturally.
Since we forgot this central sadhana
all our efforts have been external and superficial.

True sadhana is not just ethical,
it is basically yoga practice.
Ethics alone are negative
and nothing enduring can be constructed on negation.
Yoga is positive and can therefore form a base.
I want to convey this positive basis to all.

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