I Had Come Home

Remembering Here&Now

In part 1 of 5, Bhagawati is interviewed on life in the ashram and the communes.

During her last visit to Delhi a few months ago, Atul Anand from Osho World interviewed Bhagawati extensively about her taking sannyas, life in the ashram and communes, and her devotion to Osho and his work. The interview is being published in segments under the title, ‘Call of the Master’.

Part 1-A
Duration: 6 Min 47 Sec.


Part 1-B
Duration: 8 Min 37 Sec.


Part 5: Work in Europe, Returning to Rajneeshpuram and Life in Pune 2
Part 4: Loving Berlin and Moving on to Rajneeshpuram 
Part 3: It was Absolute Magic
Part 2: Ashram Life
Part 1: I Had Come Home

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