Voyages — 05 December 2011

Pradeep left his body on 1st December 2011

From Mahimo we hear that Pradeep (Philip) left his body on Thursday, 1st December, in Aberdeen. Many might remember him from the centre in Leeds, the Medina commune or the Mala Shop in Pune 1 or from the RHT (Rajneesh Humanity Trust) programme on the Ranch.

A Celebration is planned for Friday afternoon at the Findhorn community in Scotland.


This is from Pradeep’s wife Jane:

Last night, 1st December, my dear, darling husband left his body peacefully at 8.19pm. I say left his body because it became very obvious that there was no longer an inhabitant in that body at that time. One minute he was there, the next minute, gone. And that is death. That moment.

River* had earlier quoted his partner Amanda (whom he had tended while she had leukaemia) as saying ‘Death takes a moment. Until then, I am living’. And it is so true.

My dear, sweet man struggled in the last few days of being in the body. I have to say ‘the’ body instead of ‘his’ body because it sounds weird now to refer to him as having a body when it was so clear that the body was just the packaging for his spirit. Who Philip is was simply flowing through that particular form for that particular time. Now he is elsewhere but very close. Can I feel him? I feel immensely loved, immensely. So, yes, I think I can say I feel him.

In fact, I could not look at what had been him in that familiar, dear form for much longer after he had died. River had reminded me that in Buddhism they speak of the spirit floating upwards in to the room, and when I turned my eyes towards the ceiling, it felt so much better – to address my love where he really was, and not in the discarded body.

I will write more about his journey of the last few days, which has been a remarkable one on many levels (what else might I have expected from such a remarkable man?), but I just wanted to share this, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support for him and for me.

*River is an old friend of Pradeep and Jane. He came up from Devon to visit and stayed almost 6 weeks, supporting them both I’m a very loving and deep way.

Mahimo’s update (14.12.11): “There was an absolutely beautiful celebration for Pradeep in the Universal Hall at Findhorn, including Taize singing. It was as Pradeep was being sung away. There was another old sanyasin there and a Sufi dancing song was sung!  Pradeeps ashes will be scattered into the ocean off the western coast of Scotland.”


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Oh so it’s curtains – at least from this side – Yes fly high Pradeep. I always felt connected with you, apart from our name, we both took sannyas on our birthdays, a really good way to say thankyou for being born for this amazing adventure.

I have wondered where you were so many times over the years, Pradeep, hoping to bump into you somewhere, sometime. You were very special, one of the best smiles ever encountered, much love, fly free.

Oh Pradeep, you were the very first sannyasin friend for me – in Mount Abu we had this amazing connection every morning after Dynamic we had a hug and a cry together. I remember your warmth and your smiling eyes and I see it in the pictures that this was part of your whole life. You made a big difference to me through these eight days of my life taking the biggest turn and I thank you so very much for your support!