December 11: Flash Sangha at 1 pm worldwide


Worldwide Flash Sangha for December 11th at 1 pm initiated by Harideva

Harideva wrote on the occasion of Osho’s 80th Birthday Celebration:

Light of the World NASA

I would love to invite all of Osho’s lovers and friends worldwide on December 11 at 1 pm to move into 30 minutes of a shared silence together in whichever city, town, or country they find themselves. Without words, simply sitting silently together. You will enjoy and it will also have a profound effect on those who may have not, up until that moment, experienced a taste of meditation or no-mind. It can be done in a room, a garden, a street square – anywhere!

This is a conscious experiment of what some have come to know as a ‘flash mob’. A ‘flash mob’ usually needs no particular awareness to speak of. This is different.

Come together on this day and remember that even if you have never actually seen Osho in the body, it is irrelevant. He is Here Now, and your ‘Flash Sangha’ will remind you.

Just remember not to take it too seriously. Have fun, but go inside with a joy of understanding and a small twinkle in your inner eye!

See you down the road … or at the beach!

Lovebaba Harideva

Harideva’s mention “…or at the beach” alludes to a grand party he and Niseema are organizing for December 11th, from 8 pm to 1 am. If you find yourself anywhere near Goa’s Osho Beach (Candolim), make sure to drop in! Details

Also, he and Niseema announced they will open the first international Osho Center, Bookstore and Osho Essence Vegetarian Restaurant on Osho Beach; Harideva opened the first center there 41 years ago. Read more about that here or contact Harideva and Niseema at haridevaosho at

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