Autumnal Reverie…

Photography Poetry

As autumn moves out, a poem and photos by Maneesha to celebrate its grandeur

All seasons have their particular loveliness, yet it’s autumn’s that constantly astonishes me.

Walking among autumn trees:
the final phase of some sublime, heart-rending symphony.
I’m hushed;
too vast a space for words,
and thoughts, feeling foolish in their irrelevancy,
tend to tiptoe slowly into stillness.

Acutely alert I’m also soothed,
sensing something profound,
and yes, even sacred here.

Lying under autumn’s leafed canopies –
could there be a better place to die? –
to inhale the elemental fragrance of moist decay.

Threadbare curtains hang from branches
increasingly bereft
(yet here there is no grief)…
This beauty is as much in what has gone
as in what remains.

Feet swish and crunch on multi-layered carpets.
Endless carpets! – extravagant testimony
to ten thousand ‘Yes!’ s, ‘I let go’ and ‘So be it!’

And the colour! The carnival of colour
in every forest and wood,
an ebullient declaration
that death is – naturally –
a relinquishing, a rest, and a re-integration.
Nothing to do with tears, or fears or fighting;
everything to do with grace and jubilation.

Photos and poem by Maneesha

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