Osho’s past and Tibet

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Osho’s connection with Tibet heard and seen by sannyasins

The publication of the interview of the 16th Karmapa by Govind Siddhartha has brought to the surface a few other stories.

As related in 2008 by Neelam at Osho Nisarga in Dharamsala:

Mahant, a sannyasin from Russia who stayed at Osho Nisarga, decided to visit the 17th Kamarpa who lives in the Tibetan monastery called Gyuto Ramoche Temple in the Dharamsala region. Dressed in a maroon-colored robe and wearing Osho’s mala, Mahant was introduced to the Kamarpa’s secretary, the Ven. Drupan Rinpoche (pictured in slide show). When he saw the mala he said, “I recognize him, in one of his past lives he has been a Rinpoche, a revolutionary master who made many changes to the traditional Tibetan religion. In that life he was a close friend of the present Kamarpa.”

Another story she told me:

In the early seventies, Vijay from Jabalpur who was an ardent practitioner of Dynamic Meditation suddenly suffered from a high fever. In a state of delirium he had a vision of himself standing in a temple looking at 100 preserved bodies of ancient masters laid out in a row. He saw Osho’s body as being the second in line. A monk stood next to him and said, “Your master has been a master in Tibet and this is his body. He was our master in one of his former lives.”

When he later asked Osho about this vision and if it had been a hallucination, he said, “It is true what you have seen but it was not the second body, it was the ninety-ninth! My body has been preserved in Tibet.”


Photos and text by Bhagawati

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