The smallest blade of grass…

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Veena got a glimpse of how science could provide a clear and definite validation of what Osho was about

… is connected to the farthest star

One of my most favourite and meaningful poetic images that Osho used to try to hint at dimensions beyond the known, was a saying he repeated on a number of occasions: ‘the smallest blade of grass is connected to the farthest star’. Logically this seems impossible but energetically these few words somehow epitomised for me the mystery of the unfathomable universe.

But it was still only a poetic reference.

I was quite stunned, therefore, when I recently watched a television program during which the awesomely intelligent professor, Dr Brian Cox, attempted to explain a few basics of quantum physics to a flummoxed studio audience and the many viewers watching the program. With a dramatic flair almost equal to Osho’s, he brandished before us a three-billion-year-old uncut diamond (worth a few million pounds) and talked about how it was both the hardest thing in the world but also ethereal enough to filter light.


My head swam as I tried to follow the explanations about atoms, protons and electrons but I suddenly focused clearly when he said, “Particles that make up this diamond are in communication with every one of you and with everything in the universe”. This sounded uncannily like something Osho would say. He then picked up the diamond and rubbed it between his hands while continuing his lecture. After a few minutes he interrupted himself, held up the diamond and said, “When I heat this diamond up, all the atoms in the universe change their energy levels. Everything is connected to everything else”. And went on to say that as the diamond warmed up, the relationship between the atoms, protons and electrons changed and because of that change, matter at the farthest end of the universe had to also adjust and change. It was almost as if he was using Osho’s words.

Osho’s background was not in the sciences but he talked often about the possibility of there being a scientific explanation for the energy phenomenon he was discussing and demonstrating. He in fact expressed a strong wish that a scientific institution could be set up in his commune – perhaps with the idea that his existential explanations could be more easily accepted by a wider audience were they scientifically substantiated.

Professor Brian Cox

Certainly Dr Cox, without knowing it, gave me glimpse of how science could provide a clear and definite validation of what Osho was about – and that what he was trying to convey to us was not fanciful poetic imagery but absolute reality.

My awe at the phenomenon that was Osho went up a whole lot more notches! If the farthest star is affected by heating up a diamond, how much more strongly would we have been affected and transformed by being in such close proximity to so much of his energy?

Text by Veena

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