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A review on Veena’s second part of her trilogy: Glimpses of My Master.

Glimpses of My MasterHere is a book that gives hope to anyone in the search for truth… When I was a teenager and read stories of time long past when one would become a monk after meeting a Master it made me dream and regret for not being born then, in that golden time, when one would renounce everything and follow their heart… Ah, if only! Then a book like Glimpses of my Master comes out and it gives hope – surrender still happens, disciples find their Master, Truth is realised and all is well with this old world….

In this book Veena, Osho’s seamstress and one of Osho’s first Western disciples, vividly reminisces about what it feels like to be with a Master day after day – the intensity of each moment, the excruciating pain of having expectations and dreams shattered, the not-understanding, the playfulness, the bewilderment, the serendipities, but above all, the overwhelming joy that transpires in every little thing. It is a moving story of the transformation of a young woman into a disciple; a journey towards surrender, unconditional love and discovery of the meaning of it all…

Some parts of this book touch my communistic Soviet Union conditioning (Osho continues working on me!) and other parts will touch yours too! So to read this book you will need an unprejudiced mind, ready to turn around and look at itself when an unexpected pang in the stomach happens while reading a passage in the book.

One powerful message of the book for me is that the journey never ends – it is an unfolding of a lifetime – the Master is there for a little while to share His vision, inspire me and when it is time to move on, I move into another unknown. “Become a light onto yourself” – thank you for this reminder. I am eagerly awaiting Veena’s next book about her life, still devoted to Osho, but now meditating alone on A Mountain in China.

Jivan Leela – cover updated March 2015

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VeenaVeena met Osho in Mumbai in 1971 and took sannyas shortly thereafter. At his request she opened the Nirvana Meditation Centre in London in 1972. During the years she spent with him she worked as an editor of his books, as a seamstress making his robes, hats and the costumes for photo sessions and doing PR in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon. She has written about Osho for many sannyas publications and also published a book about him.

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