My respects to you

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (19)

My respects to you.

Your letters were received.

Osho in garden

I have just got back from a camp at Ranakpur.

It was just for friends from Rajasthan,

that’s why you weren’t informed.

It lasted five days and about sixty people participated.

It was a wonderful success

and it was obvious that much happened.

Encouraged by the results

the organizers are planning a camp on an all-India basis.

You must come to that.


I am glad to hear your meditation is progressing.

You have only to be silent.

To be silent is everything.

Silence does not mean absence of speech,

it means absence of thoughts.

When the mind quietens down

it becomes linked to the infinite.

Don’t do anything, just sit and watch the flow of thoughts,

just watch.

This just watching dissolves thought by itself.

The awakening of witnessing

brings freedom from the modifications of the mind.

With thoughts finished, consciousness is.

This is samadhi.


Love to all friends.

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