Soups — 13 March 2012

This is an incredible pick-me-up, nutritious and simple to make.

Raw Soup


2 cups organic fruit juice and water (your favourite; apple is very good)

lots of sprouts such as sunflower, buckwheat, alfalfa, etc.

choice of three organic vegetables, such as zucchini, red bell peppers, snow peas, etc.

half an avocado

Braggs Liquid Aminos if available; good substitutes are Himalayan rock salt, kelp, or some kind of other seaweed

sea salt

cayenne pepper

a little lemon juice


Pour juice and water mix into a Vitamixer or blender

Add sprouts and blend

Add chopped vegetables and keep blending

Finally add avocado and round it off with Braggs Liquid Amino’s, sea salt, cayenne, and lemon juice


Recipe by Katina