It Is Always Now

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Throughout his discourses Osho drives home the point why he is so contradictory:

Now physicists say that the stars you see in the night are continuously moving further away from the center. We don’t know where the center is, we don’t know where they are going – and the speed is immense: 186,000 miles per second. With that speed, though, the stars are going further and further away. This continuous growth needs not static things but growing things.

That’s why you will find so many contradictions in me, because I have never stopped anywhere. I have been going in absolute tune with existence, wherever it leads. And if it contradicts my yesterdays it is perfectly okay; they are dead anyway. I am happy that I am in tune in the present moment. I am happy that I know the secret of being in the present, because time has no other tense. It is always now. And once you know the secret of being in the now, you have known the greatest mystery of existence.

Osho, The Last Testament Vol, 1, Ch 20

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