Millet with Apricots


Sona shares her favourite breakfast dish

apricot millet with pistachio

I thought this recipe might be useful for those who are going on a gluten-free diet; we invented it accidentally many years ago and still eat millet almost every day. Here goes:

Serves two

Take an espresso cup full of millet, add some cut pieces of dried apricots, wash in water together and then strain.

Add 3 of the same cups of water (if the millet is very fine, add just 2 cups of water). Let it boil and then turn down the flame to minimum heat. Never stir millet! It takes quite a while until all the water has evaporated, about 20 minutes or more.

Eat the dish immediately, nice and hot – it does not taste as good when it has cooled down.

You can add (we add quite a lot) of brown sugar (cane) and cream, thick cream.

Since millet belongs to the element earth in Chinese medicine it seems to taste best sweetened. We tried it
salted with veggies but that was not really it.

Recipe from Sona

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