Working with Love

Tiny Meditations

A little meditation from Osho


Whenever you feel that you are not in a good mood and you don’t feel good in the work, before starting work, just for five minutes, exhale deeply. Feel with the exhalation that you are throwing your dark mood out and you will be surprised, within five minutes you will be suddenly back to normal and the low will have disappeared, the dark is no more there.

If you can change your work into meditation, that’s the best thing. Then meditation is never in conflict with your life.

Whatsoever you do can become meditative. Meditation is not something separate; it is a part of life. It is just like breathing: just as you breathe in and out, you meditate also.

And it is simply a shift of emphasis; nothing much is to be done. Things that you have been doing carelessly, start doing carefully. Things that you have been doing for some results, for example, money… That’s okay, but you can make it a plus phenomenon. Money is okay and if your work gives you money, good; one needs money, but it is not all. And just by the side if you can reap many more pleasures, why miss them? They are just free of cost.

You will be doing your work whether you love it or not, so just bringing love to it you will reap many more things which otherwise you would miss.

Osho, Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing, Ch 25

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