Happy Easter


Osho suggests to Christians to focus on Christ’s resurrection rather than on his death during these celebrations


Go to a Christian church and you feel as if you have entered a cemetery – dead, very serious, corpse-like. You enter a church and you start feeling that you are also becoming serious. The very vibe is not of laughter, no. Christians say Jesus never laughed. I don’t believe it – I cannot believe it, because I know Jesus better.

“But Christians say Jesus never laughed. If I write the gospels, I would write that Jesus laughed his whole life. In fact, when he was crucified he had a belly laughter. He laughed tremendously, uproariously – because this was just ridiculous. To try to kill that which cannot be killed, to try to kill Jesus – the very idea is ridiculous, he must have laughed. I can still hear his laughter…. But Christians have not heard his laughter; they have based their religion more on the cross than on Christ.

“Christianity would have been benefited tremendously if the cross had been forgotten – because with the cross, death comes in. I call Christianity ‘crossianity’. It is a religion of death, of the cross – serious, sad. If Christianity had paid more attention to Jesus, then a totally different world view would have arisen. More emphasis should have been given to the resurrected Christ – not to the crucified. Then Christianity would have been more life-affirmative, even death could not kill, even the cross could not destroy – Jesus is resurrected. Then Christianity could have danced, then there would have been singing and celebration, and churches would have been more human. But that didn’t happen; the whole of Christianity became attached too much to the cross.”

Osho, The Divine Melody, from Ch 1

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