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Chinta’s life story continues with Reiki, Family Constellation, Aura Soma, and continuing with…

If the sunrays pass through the water droplets at a certain angle and meet the eyes at a certain angle, only then is a rainbow created. Don’t think that a rainbow is only out there: your eyes are participating in its creation… The soul is also an experience and as long as you don’t have the eye of meditation, you cannot experience it.

Osho: Flight of the Alone to the Alone, Ch 15

This time, I am sitting in Tropicana, Arillas, Corfu. It is April. Rivers of white, golden and pink flowers ooze softly under the olive trees. Cypresses and Judas trees contrast with the blue variations of the sea melting with the sky in natural harmony.

In the first part of this presentation, I had promised to tell you about rainbows and Ambrosia. Well, here they are, real, filling the space with their density. My eyes register rainbows of flowers everywhere and my soul experiences deep joy and gratitude for this place to be. These are the precious moments when earth looks like a paradise and life as a perfect work of art.

Greeting the Minister of Transport
The Reiki class had offered me a traditional dress
My class giving Reiki to food
Giving Reiki to Bashir (André) and Célestine Kowouvi
An Aura-Soma class in Grenoble
Giving a Lomi Lomi massage to my niece, Manda
An Aura-Soma consultation with Darshan Raimondi
With Visarjana
Agios Georgios – Corfu
On the road up to the Pantokrator – Corfu
River of flowers in Arillas
Ambrosia – golden essence
Reiki: only love and meditation can truly heal

From 1990 to 1995 Visarjana and I dedicated our lives to share what we had received from Osho. Reiki was the perfect tool for passing on the message that only love and meditation can truly heal. Our students did the meditation of the Four Directions, sometimes Kundalini, Gibberish or Chakra Sounds. We were present in the French part of Switzerland and had been invited to teach Reiki in Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Brussels, Rumania and Africa by wonderful people who organised the practical things for us. Within five years, we had initiated more than two thousand people. We had large groups and tried to support our students by organising monthly gatherings and offering them deepening retreats on specific aspects of the essence based on the chakras.

Many highlights dot those years. We simply fell in love with Paris, Montmartre, Saint Germain des Prés, the Boulevards, but above all, the spirit of Notre Dame and May 68 were still impregnating the air. You would think that being in a big town the connection with subtle energies would be difficult. But this was not at all the case in Paris. On the contrary, it was particularly easy there to plug into the white, silvery aspect of essence.

I still travel to Africa once a year to teach Reiki and I’ll never forget my first seminar in Libreville, Gabun. I had been invited by André Kofi Kowouvi who was at that time Togo’s ambassador there. He had come across my Reiki book in Tel Aviv as he was on mission in Israel and had decided to explore the method. One day, the phone rang:

“Bonjour, I am the Secretary of His Excellency the Ambassador Kowouvi. Please hold on, I’ll pass you on to His Excellency.”

“Bonjour,” came a deep male voice with strong African accent, “I cannot leave the country because I am on a mission here, so it is up to you to come to us.”

And I simply said, “Yes, with pleasure!”

André, who later became a dear friend and sannyasin, gathered his friends, ministers and high secretaries and on the first day of the seminar I found myself standing in tee-shirt and sandals before twenty-five beautiful black men, sapés sur leur 31 (costume and tie), with shining teeth and shoes. That’s the kind of situation when you better not think too much. I said, “I love African dancing and drumming. It helped me a great deal to come out of my white and rigid conditioning, so let’s have a dance.”

I usually started the seminars with a bit of free dancing, so we danced also this time and everything went well.

The intense practice of Reiki had intensified every aspect of my life by bliss, clear insights, synchronicity, feeling loved, protected and inspired by the universe; also money, respect, a bit of fame. Through people I met, I learned, loved and discovered a great deal.

Yet at the same time, the dissatisfaction over other aspects of life didn’t stop growing. It doesn’t make sense to teach healing and meditation while stressing by running from one place to another. I felt split between my wanting to stay loyal to the teaching of a lineage of masters on one side and the evidence of what life was teaching me on the other. Furthermore, from 1994 on, the French government decided to harden the fight against sects by infiltrating groups and listing Reiki as a dangerous method of brainwashing, responsible for destroying families. People who had known us for years through our teaching, who we had shared our intimacy with, who had trusted us and even had become friends suddenly turned away from us.

Interesting enough, to be restrained by abusive governments doing our work with Reiki drove me on to explore more essential states. I no longer wanted to be only a vehicle for light and love, I wanted to be it, to radiate it. I was tired of the glittery insubstantial image of being a successful Reiki master. I needed to be in peace in all the little situations of life and wanted to be a source of light by myself. I was happy to be a channel for healing, but I was longing for more. I wanted to be healed and whole myself.

Aura-Soma: shining, appealing, mysterious bottles

That’s when Aura-Soma barged in. I was keen on the flow of colours I could see flooding through my third eye when I was giving Reiki and here came these magical coloured Equilibrium bottles shining, appealing, mysterious, like little beings of light reflecting the nature of the soul.

The coloured Equilibrium Bottles containing the energy of plants and crystals are fascinating, because they are materialised light and because they vibrate at the natural frequencies of the rainbow. Receiving their vibrations is extremely awakening, harmonising and healing for body, mind and spirit. It restores the subtle bodies. They are a mirror for the soul, they help us to clean the dust of our illusions so that we may become the transparent droplet that reflects all the essential aspects of light, the whole rainbow.

More than twenty years later, I am still looking into that mirror of the soul and applying the essences on bodies, subtle or physical, including my own. In 2001, I started to teach the Aura-Soma system and give consultations, and in 2005 I founded Aura-Soma France and became a distributor of Aura-Soma products in France and Switzerland.

Aura-Soma has been a very important stage in my process because I had to find precise words to describe what happens on the subtle levels of the being. It harmonizes right and left brain activities. Colour is a language that has been used by all the spiritual traditions to approach the divine. But, it did also something I had not expected. The packing of the products, waiting in the post office, writing the bills, carrying hundreds of bottles, walkabouts at exhibitions, answering people’s questions and doubts with patience seemed unworthy to my academic degree. My ego hated it, my superego was judging me for being so unsuccessful, yet I did it all the same and got finally a bit closer to my humanness. It is so relaxing to be an ordinary person and so worthy. After all, I was bringing spirituality into the market place.

Family Constellation: watching the Mahabharata

In 2005 Poona called again. Svagito was giving a training in family constellations at the Osho Meditation Resort. We were a group of fifty people from all around the world. Watching the unfolding of their family stories over generations was like watching The Mahabharata or the Odyssey. A very moving initiation into humankind and a deep lesson of essential love. Seeing how the process of family constellation had taken off loads of guilt and inherited structures, Visarjana decided to be trained also and went to Paris, where he worked with Bert and Sophie Hellinger. We both agree that through the process our and our family’s relationships have been freed of old entanglements and could evolve towards more peace, maturity and much better communication.

Diamond Logos Teaching: a new dimension

Another keystone came a bit later, with the Diamond Logos Teachings. Bhakta, also a good friend from the Geneva connection, was speaking of Faisal with so much love that I had to explore this as well. Rafia, Turya, Avikal, and Vasumati were already working with the Latifa – the Sufi word for essential qualities of the light. This was the input I had been waiting for to give my work with Aura-Soma a new dimension.

We all are born with a perfect body of light, the full spectrum of divine qualities. But each one of us gets a specific blend, some a bit more of yellow, others a bit more of red and others a bit more of blue and we mix into different greens, orange, violet, turquoise, gold and so on. We could say that our essential or light body is our individual blue print. It makes us unique and identical at the same time. Our essential body is meant to inspire our personality and the choices we make in life. Unfortunately, it is often the opposite. We take our decisions based on our conditioned personality.

Difficult situations in childhood create holes, dark spots in the light body. While trying to protect our inner light, our inner jewel, in the urge to overcome layers of terror and insecurity due to the loss of light, we have very creatively developed strategies, compensatory behaviours. This has enabled us to survive, but it has also separated us from our being. We have been separated from our Beloved, we have ceased to be in love with our true nature and we may even have started to hate it.

Healing myself

For years, I had remained caught in states of distress, self-hatred, watching my suicidal impulses. In spite of the rather successful life I had and of all the meditation, I never felt content. No wonder, I still hadn’t reconnected with my very essence. I had been born with a clump foot as the last of four children. My family took well care of me. But although my body of light was strong and healthy, I sensed that something was wrong with me. Now, a baby cannot mentalize about these things and they get carved in it’s cells, in it’s whole personality structure. In my case, it created a state of basic shock of I do not understand, and immediately after that, the belief that I am not acceptable as being, not lovable.

Although the seed of the narcissistic wound lies in the soil of the first moments of life, its damages become visible only years later. Because the body of light, the essence is so strong and supported by the universal Source, it resurrects again and again, like the phoenix out of its ashes. The damages become visible only years later. I remember very well the last time I experienced love for myself during childhood. It was twelve at noon and the class was over. I had a ten minutes walk home. For no exact reason, at that moment, I felt so totally inhabited by life and it was overflowing so intensely that it seemed to fill the whole space around me up to the sky. I started to run down the hill. My schoolbag was hitting my back at each footstep. My heart was pounding strongly in my chest and I was deeply in love with myself. Every little bit of it. Not only was I in love with myself, but the whole universe was echoing it. I know it, because I had the clear feeling of being carried, lifted up by a bigger energy. My feet had wings and I trusted hundred percent that I would not fall. I was nine and this was the last time I felt that I was accepting and loving every bit of myself until I met Osho. I had made all possible efforts to deserve love through learning and taking action, and as a result, I had given up on myself.

Around Osho it was easy to connect with essence and love, but it took me all these years to find my way back also in ordinary life and in this presentation, I have tried to share with you the main steps of that journey.

The last little piece happened last year. Suddenly it hit me that there were still bits of myself that I did not like and that these bits were like grey scraps hanging out there in my energy field. I discovered that each time I stopped to push them away, I said to them instead: “You are also part of me, I take responsibility for what happened and I take you back within me, I love you,” I would feel more complete and more at peace. So, I started to recollect every bit of my body of light. It was a very interesting process.

Literally, it was like doing some magic. Every little disowned piece of our life is like a speck of dust, a dark spot that tarnishes the transparency of the droplet we are. It distorts the rainbow. But the eye of meditation has the power to detect these spots and to find the right angle that allows us to become one with the Beloved.

At this point in time, not only have I efficient and refined tools to help me find my way back to my eye of meditation, but my inner space is clear enough to allow the complete rainbow to unfold. My point of light has landed.

Ambrosia: a new birth in Corfu

Last September, Visarjana and I felt that we were ready to share our life experience in a new way. The birth of this process – Ambrosia, the Way Back Towards Essence – happened in our new second home in Arillas, Corfu. Ambrosia is the food of the gods on the Olympus that confers immortality to them. Each god and goddess of the Greek pantheon stands for an essential quality and the colours of their costumes reflect those virtues.

Socrates and Pythagoras’ teachings have set the footprints for us, and in our Ambrosia seminars we will use the 2,500 year-old structure of preparation, purification and perfection as described by Osho in Philosophia Perennis to help us unfold our rainbows. Coming soon, a related article on Ambrosia.

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