The Atmosphere’s Lament by Suvarna


A song written in the voice of the Earth’s atmosphere about how he’s feeling ill, what’s wrong with him, and that he’d like to improve his relationship with humanity.

I find writing songs about the issues I’m trying to solve in my work, where I research into new ways to reduce energy consumption, gives me a fresh perspective and makes me feel integrated inside. In this song I’m trying to convey that we as humanity have a very intimate relationship with our climate, without which we would not live for a second. We are like fish in the sea, but our sea is the atmosphere. We are impacting it through our everyday actions and causing it to change, which is now starting to affect us and other species negatively.

I’m trying to convey the sadness I feel about this problem through music and humour by personalising the climate as a “kindly northern bloke with a diet problem”! And for all those sannyasins with jet-setting lifestyles, remember that air travel increases your personal carbon footprint massively, so if you love our planet reduce your flying! I’ve gone down to one short-haul flight a year now. Still too much but much less than before. I’m finding my kicks closer to home.

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SuvarnaSuvarna is a vocalist and composer who plays electric violin and keyboards. She has released three albums of her own compositions in a worldbeat style, with melodies based on Indian ragas. Since 2004 she has been composing in a singer-songwriter style and performing solo with keyboards. The lyrics express her experiences of being on the path of meditation for the last thirty years. Suvarna is an Engineering Doctorate candidate, doing research into new ways to reduce energy consumption.

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