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Update July 2014: Side has closed down.

Maybe your household is similar to mine where all carefully selected Osho discourse videos (maybe even ordered the next day after the live discourse had made a particular impact on you) are gathering dust in the attic where they landed the day your good old video recorder broke down. And if you haven’t pursued the route of purchasing a new selection in DVD, well then, what Osho International is offering with OSHO.tv might well be what you need.


Now as a subscriber I can watch a new, full length, streaming video discourse each week and at the beginning of the subscription I get 3 extra videos for free. The streaming is quite good even in rural conditions like mine, but you can check out the quality with the Free Trial offered, which lasts for a week (you will need to cancel in time before your card gets debited!).

This week we are watching ‘We can improve upon Nature’ and the bonus videos are: ‘Feeling the Stillness of the Universe’, ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and ‘Intimacy’. It is being promised that we will be able to have access to 3 months of previously released talks, something I cannot test because the website is too new. And I can opt to receive an email notice when a new video has been put up. Still I think that to set aside an evening for ‘Watching an Osho Video’ each week is a great idea!

The website is also encouraging to get the community involved and there are discussions on particular subjects, if you are interested in that. Also chatting is promised in the adverts, but so far I have not figured out how to get there.

There are some flaws which might be corrected with time and there are few things I did not like. E.g. the display of the video on the website is distorted, but once you go on ‘full screen’ (which is the way you will want to enjoy Osho anyway) you will be fine. And what is offered as Free videos (an expression used even in the title tag of the website) is a bit misleading because what is offered for free are only tiny snippets you can easily watch for free on YouTube. Also the ‘Remember me’ in the login does not seem to be working. Glad to say I have an easy password! Also, when I still had the trial version there were a few messages and ‘click here’ which did not make sense and the community page did not work; but once you have a subsciption it is plain sailing…

Package options are:

1 month – $14.99
6 months – $9.99/month
12 months – $7.99/month

To cancel the subscription they made it very easy: there is a ‘Cancel my Subscription’ button in the Settings page, which puts our minds at rest (or so I thought – the button is actually not working; one has to write to cancel the subscription by declaring our intent in an email to support@OSHO.tv with the word “Robinson” in the subject field).

Report by Punya

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