God Dancing in the Raindrops


With thanks to Zen Gardner for these exquisite photos, showing the miraculous beauty of nature reflected in tiny raindrops…



You say God created the world? You state it in a very wrong way. I say God is the world. God has not created it, because he has never been able to become separate from it. It is not like a painter, that he paints something and then he is free of the painting and the painting becomes separate – the painter can die but the painting will live. No, God is not like that. God is more like a dancer. Hence my very great love for dance. God is more like a dancer. You cannot separate the dancer from the dance. He is Nataraj: the dancer of all the dancers, the master of all the dancers. He is dancing in the leaf, in the flower, in the raindrops, in the river, in the peacock. All over is his dance.

He has not created the world; he is the world. The world is his dance, and the separation does not exist. If the world is not there, he will not be a dancer at all. If the dancer is not there, the world cannot exist. They are not separate; they are inseparably together. In fact to say “together” is not right, because they are not two; how can they be together? They are one.”

Osho, Ecstasy: The Forgotten Language, Ch 2, Q 1

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