It was just this time of night

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (35)


It was just this time of night, two days ago
that I left you at Chittor.
I can see now
the love and bliss filling your eyes.
The secret of all prayer and worship
is hidden in the overflow of those tears.
They are sacred.
God fills the heart of those he blesses
with tears of love,
and what to say about the calamity of those
whose hearts are filled instead
with thorns of hate?

Osho eyes closed

Tears flowing in love
are offerings of flowers at the feet of God
and the eyes from which they flow
are blessed with divine vision.
Only eyes filled with love can see God.
Love is the only energy
that transcends the inertia of nature
and takes one to the shores of ultimate awareness.

I think that by the time this letter reaches you
you will already have left for Kashidham.
I don’t know how your journey was
but I hope it passed in song and laughter.
Give my kind respects to everyone there.
I am waiting for your promised letters.


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