Nirguna in Atitlan

Art Gallery

Paintings inspired by the Mayan landscape and culture in Guatemala.

Atitlan Tormenta
Tropical Delights: Exotic and Erotic – these are the life forms here in the tropics.
Natural Senses: Nature is ready, aroused, excited to create. The Tantra teachings on Mahamudra by Osho permeate all my paintings.
The Lovers
A cellular story: A single cell, even before splitting, has directionality and purpose. A testament to the sacred geometry of the whole.
Tikal Dancer (Maya dancer): digital art made from photographs I have taken
The Eye of the Beholder: It’s a cell…eye…temple….breast…its round.
Buddha Sleeping: digital art made from photographs I have taken
Atitlan Benzosatto: digital art made from photographs I have taken
A Kiss from the Earth: A kiss from the earth allows life to flower in many forms. A chakra being touches all the dimensions.
Atitlan Tormenta: Agatha hurricane hit us with great energy and I painted this as people fell in mudslides and emerged again. It was like a rebirth.
An Atitlan Moment: This painting is still in process; the 4 elements just decided to appear in this Atitlan landscape.
Antigua: digital art made from photographs I have taken
Atitlan Kiss: Most of the paintings in this collection have been made at Atitlan Arte Vista on Lake Atitlan, Guatmala.
Sun King – Ra. We set the controls for the heart to the sun, to a being that is so bright that it becomes a doorway to another level of consciousness.g

Painting is not an occasional hobby – it’s a fundamental activity, it’s a vision quest. Each painting tells a story: of connectivity to the source. When I paint I lose time and start to access the many dimensions of nature. Atoms, cells, planets, sun, love, light, the universally alchemical, flow through the brush.

Creativity is born out of the flow of the moment, and the awakening into the moment is all there is. This awareness is a full sun of being and the artworks that flow out from that are just the beautiful shadows of those moments.


Deva Nirguna, an old timer from Poona 1, lives and creates his paintings at his art retreat centre Atitlan Arte Vista on Lake Atitlan, in the Mayan Highlands, Guatemala. After spending several years in India with Osho, many years of travelling and ‘workshopping’ with the Mother of Tantra, Margo Anand I went into a studio retreat for inner discovery of my own lineage and expression. I discovered my Tibetan links through Osho to Tonka painters and I now teach the inner and outer process of becoming light, through body energy and breath-work, visioning and creative practice.

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