My Naked World


(for the man I left behind) – a poem by Madhuri

Full-clothed over the ocean came i
far from you
to find my naked world

covered in mud

Damp and jacketed in England was i
far from you
to find my naked world

Striding past fat disconsolate
brown hairy families
to the end of the beach
where rocks come down to the spangled sea
and a tribe of primates
with lit-up brows and crowns
and mischievous neon mouths
have coated each other with greenish mud
from the cliffs;
and pose like Khajuraho
with neon tongues –
for the cameras of their fellows;
Snake-dark women lolling,
men warrior-straight,
then bending –
i too now painted with conscious stroke
belly and thighs
around my breasts with joyful respecting –

covered in mud

My naked world –
Your tractor-steady land
sucked fast out to sea
…a wave strewn with vanishing
sand –

Poem by Madhuri
Corfu, near Arillas, September 5, 2012

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