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The very aptly named Empty Mind Films company produces most unusual films showing a variety of methods from India, Tibet, China and Japan – from ayurveda to acupuncture, from martial arts to meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, yoga and Zen. Here an excerpt from a film on Zen:

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There was one very famous Zen Master, Tosan.

A disciple asked him,’Master, what is Tao?’
The Master said,’A dragon singing in the dry wood.’
The disciple said,’I wonder whether there is anybody who can hear this.’
The Master said,’There is no one in the entire world who does not hear this.’
The disciple said,’I don’t know what kind of composition the dragon’s song is.’
The Master said,’I also do not know, but all who hear it lose themselves.’

Whatsoever I am singing is the song of that dragon in the dry wood.
Whosoever hears me will disappear.
Now it is up to you: either you hear me or you hear your fear,
the fear that you have been hearing forever and ever.
Through the fear you have lived up to now,
and nothing has been attained.
Your life is just an empty barrenness,
a desert with not even a single oasis in it.
You have listened too long to your fear;
now don’t be bothered by it.
Say to it’Shut up!’; and in spite of it, move.
You will disappear, but that is the only way to gain yourself.

Says Jesus,’If you try to save your life you will lose it.
If you lose it you will gain it in abundance, in eternity.’
Only the momentary is lost and the eternal is gained.
Only the useless is lost and the ultimate is gained.
Now it is for you to decide.
Either you decide for your fear, or you decide for my love.

Osho, Come Follow To You Vol. 4, Ch 4, Q 6

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Credit to Zen Gardner

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