Playing with Colours

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Paritosh from Switzerland reveals her paintings….

Playfulness, 1988, watercolour
Lotuses by Paritosh
Full moon by Paritosh
Bloom Charm, 1999, mixed media
Lilies, 2002, watercolour
Innocence, 2003, watercolour & resonance
Waterdance, 2007, watercolour
Celebration, 2008, mixed media
Green Tara, 2010, mixed media
1001 Night, 2011, acrylics on canvas
The Mysterious, 2012
Behind the Veil, 2012, acrylics on canvas

This slideshow is a cross section of my artwork over many years. The more I painted, the more I learned to trust in the creative process. Before I start painting I never know what to paint. Most of the time the painting comes to me, unfolding itself while I play with the colours. In the end I am myself surprised at the outcome.

In 1988 I started painting in Pune with Geetesh (watercolours) and with Ninad (oil). It was a great experience because painting revealed so much about myself. When I went back to Pune in 1991, I started to paint with Meera. And the journey goes on….

Sannyas is relaxing in life
trusting in life,
resting in life…
nowhere to go,
nothing to achieve,
then the whole energy
is available to
dance and sing and celebrate.

(Osho’s quote
on my sannyas certificate)

Osho’s guidance in these more than thirty years is the biggest help I have received in my life. With him I had the courage to stay on the path to discover my innermost home. I learned to trust myself again and again and jump into the new. If I look back at all these years, it feels like having been on a rollercoaster filled with love, life, laughter – and tears. Osho made my life worth living; it has been so full of joy and celebration. My love and gratitude for all his love is beyond words.


ParitoshParitosh (‘divine total contentment’) heard about Osho in 1981 while taking part in an Encounter group. She fell in love with the people and the mala, and soon became a sannyasin. She was a member of the Zurich commune (Gyandip, later called Kota) and visited the Ranch for 3 months in 1985. She came to Pune in 1987 and stayed at the commune for months at a time, every year until 1996. She is a Cranio Sacral practitioner and works and lives in Bonstetten near Zurich.

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