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As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict harassed Osho in USA, South America and many European countries during the eighties;  31 years later he has resigned due to mounting scandals in the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

“There is enough evidence that as Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict harassed Osho and prevented him from staying in over 20 countries. This needs to be investigated thoroughly to reveal the truth. Millions of Osho disciples across the globe want the truth to come out.” said Swami Chaitanya Keerti, a spokesperson of Osho World Foundation, New Delhi.

OshoOsho has declared, “There is every possibility that the Pope (at the time, John Paul II) suggested that I should be thrown out of America, that my commune should be completely destroyed, because this was the first time that a man from the East had taken so many Christians out of the Christian fold. And particularly intelligent, young, educated, sophisticated people… professors, doctors, scientists, electronic engineers, Nobel Prize winners, artists, musicians….”

Giving the background of this harassment, Osho says, “The American government harassed me simply because of Christian pressure — in which there is every possibility that the Pope’s hand was involved, because Ronald Reagan had met the pope just a few days before I was arrested. He had just come back from the Vatican.” (The Sword and the Lotus, Ch4, Q3)

In this context, it is significant to note that before Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II named him ‘Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faithful’ or the Vatican’s modern inquisitorial office in 1981, responsible for opposing Osho in USA and many other countries.

“Now 28 years after hounding Osho out of the USA and 21 other countries, Pope Benedict resigned due to his deteriorated strength of the body and the mind he claims. Perhaps he gave up due to scandals involving his butler revealing the nefarious activities in the Vatican, and more importantly, the scandals about child sex abuse, money laundering and financial irregularities of the Vatican,” said Swami Keerti.

Osho_on_World_tourIn fact, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) in Brussels issued a press statement claiming an upcoming action by a European government to issue an arrest warrant against Ratzinger and a public lien against Vatican property and assets by Easter.

“It is most pertinent to note that the legacy of every Pope is soon forgotten after his death or will be forgotten after the resignation in the case of Pope Benedict, but the legacy of Osho in his insights in books and discourses as well as his meditations continues to attract and transform the lives of millions of people today,” said Swami Keerti.

On 1 February 2013, on the basis of evidence supplied by ITCCS’s affiliated Common Law Court of Justice (itccs.org), ITCCS concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy. This arrest warrant was to be delivered to the office of the ‘Holy See’ in Rome on 15 February 2013. It allowed the nation in question to detain Ratzinger as a suspect in a crime if he entered its sovereign territory. Fearing all this, it is no wonder that Pope Benedict resigned.

The Vatican’s involvement in harassing Osho was declared a fact on 24 December 1989 by Ashok Row Kavi, an Indian columnist for the Bombay Sunday Mail. According to him, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger “is known to have operated behind the scenes in the expulsion of Rajneesh from America.” The information allegedly came from someone “very close” to Ratzinger, “the man who controls the Vatican’s policy against other religions.”

It is no coincidence that American President Ronald Reagan met the Pope in the Vatican just a few days before Osho had to leave Rajneeshpuram. After his arrest, Osho was poisoned by the American authorities while in prison. After extensive medical tests in Pune, it was determined that his ill health was due to this poisoning, wrote Kavi.

In his well-researched book, ‘A Passage to America’ Max Brecher (Bombay, Book Quest 1993) reveals that after Osho left the USA, a motion was introduced by the right-wing Christian Democrats into the political committee of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. The motion called on ministers “meeting in the framework of European political cooperation to do their utmost to ensure that the Bhagwan Leader [Osho] is no longer allowed to settle in any Community Member State.” Further, it expec­ted all member states “to take measures provided for in their legal systems to prevent his [Osho] residence on their terri­tory.” The resolution died in committee, but at that time, all these European countries had, already on their own, or so it might seem, taken steps never to allow Osho within their borders, according to Brecher.

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