The Urgency — 24 February 2013

Nivedano …



Nivedano …


Be silent …

Close your eyes …

No movement of the body.

Let your whole consciousness gather inwards.

Deeper and deeper …

You are entering into your buddhahood.

Without any fear go in, it is your own home.

Except knowing this, all knowledge is useless.

Except experiencing this

you have wasted your very life in mundane things.

This is the sacred moment,

drink it as deeply as possible.

Be soaked through and through.

Buddhahood is not an achievement,

it is only a discovery,

it is only going within your paper bag.

You are not your bones,

you are not your head,

you are not even your heart,

you are this beyondness, this silence.

Even if for a single moment you can experience it

your whole life will have a transformation.

To make it more clear, Nivedano …


signature by Osho

Relax..let go … die

Die to the world, die to the body,

die to the mind,

so that only the eternal remains in you.

This formless eternal brings you a new birth.

You have entered as a human being,

you can come out of this womb of the beyond as a buddha.

This bliss, this silence,

these roses blossoming within you,

they are your birthright.

One can remain ignorant,

but one cannot be anything else than a buddha …

awakened, enlightened,

that is our very destiny.

Nivedano ….


Come back

without forgetting the experience,

sit down for a while, just for a few moments

drop the doubt that you cannot be a buddha.

You are. In spite of yourself, you are.

If this becomes an undercurrent twenty-four hours,

waking or sleeping,

your life will know what this existence is all about.

You will know the freedom, the ultimate freedom

which you have been longing for

for many, many lives.

Don’t miss it this time.

Okay, Maneesha?

Yes, Beloved Master.


Osho, Dogen, the Zen Master: A Search and a Fulfillment, Ch 2