Flowering of Consciousness


A track on video from Amano Manish’s album ‘Haliya’.

Every flower on this planet,
from the peaks to the valleys,
from a creek to a small crack,
is the most flowery reminder to every human being
of his deepest and greatest flowering –
the flowering of his Consciousness.

The blossoming of a flower is symbolic
of this process of inner transformation,
hence this theme.

‘Flowering of Consciousness’ is in raga Kirwani. It was composed by Amano Manish, recorded in 2011 in Iran and published in the album ‘Haliya’. This album contains a new brand of Indo-Persion Sufi music developed by the group called Awa-e-Zamin.

Amano ManishAmano Manish learned to play slide guitar as a young child from his father. He later trained in the Senia Maihar Gharana tradition with maestros likes Basant Kabra and Brijbhushan Kabra. He took sannyas in 1994 and enthralled many of the visitors to the commune with his playing. In 1997 he permanently moved to Pune and studied under Shekhar Borkar. Manish now tours the world to play and record with other established musicians. amanomanish.com – youtube

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