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Vismaya’s concert at Ribban reviewed in a major Swedish newspaper, the Skanska Dagbladet.

Skanska Dagbladet Vismaya

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Ingrid ‘Vismaya’ Hagelberg with Lars Holm and Mattias Nilssons’s Trio – May 14, 2011

It’s not possible to put a label on Ingrid Hagelberg’s songs.

Everything she does is colored by her eager and curious travels around the world. She left Malmö (Sweden) at the age of 19 and much later ended up in Arizona, where she now lives. But before that she has lived and sung in France, Germany, Poland and South Africa. Consequently the entertainment by Miss Hagelberg was a superb mixture of French chansons, German cabaret numbers and real American jazz tunes. She even did a Swedish folk song.

The amazing thing about Ingrid Hagelberg and her musical preferences is that they all seem very honest. She puts as much soul, power and pathos in ‘Ich bin von Kopf biss Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt’ (Marlene Dietrich) as the classic Edith Piaf song ‘La Vie en Rose’ or Johnny Burke’s ‘It Could Happen to You’.

Ingrid, or Vismaya, as some still prefer to call her, has a fine and rich voice and she uses it tastefully with excellent phrasing. She also shows an impressive rhythmical talent, especially for the more jazzy part of her repertoire. Besides, she is a good scat singer, which in nine out of ten cases of those who try, is painful to listen to.

At last but not the least she is a good composer and a terrific lyric writer.

Jan Olson, Skanska Dagbladet
(translated and abridged)

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