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Beautiful Osho meditation oasis situated among rolling hills in Styria…


After traveling to many countries in search of fulfillment, Mudita had a clear vision what she really wanted to do, namely bring meditation to people at home in Austria. Here she recalls the steps leading to the opening of the Osho Meditation Oasis Greith (OMOG) in September 2011:

I was very fulfilled at that time and felt that the whole Earth is my home. But when I wanted to tell my family about my vision, I sensed that they could not understand at all. So with time I got more lost in thoughts, deep anxieties showed up and my life became very heavy. I had no energy in the mornings to get up and so I was like waiting for death, but was aware that whatever happens I could not leave my home, because I knew I had to stay for my vision to become true.

After staying at home for some months, doing nothing, the day came when my family gathered and we talked about my future. For them it was so strongly in their mind that I have had all that time to reintegrate myself and now I was to go to some other place and work. I did not want to be unkind to them as they have given me so much, but I could no longer resist and told them the first time really about my vision and plans and that I was not able to leave.

To my surprise my father really liked that idea when he heard it and said that he would help me with that. So slowly my entire family accepted the situation and gave me a chance. My energy came back and I felt that I did not really do anything and that my vision became a reality on its own.

The center is run by me like a little ashram and located on our organic farm. There is a daily meditation schedule, accommodation is available in our shared apartments; simple vegetarian food is provided that includes many self-grown and self-made products. A maximum number of 8 guests can stay here.

The center started up slowly and now more and more people are coming, and like the asctual creation of the center, this also is working on its own. During the year there are often single meditation guests or small groups taking time out and enjoying to get an experience of meditation; during holiday times, like Christmas and Easter, there is always a larger group. I enjoy it very much, and to share meditation fulfills me inside and I learn a lot from every meeting. Also my guests enjoy and come again; they make their own meditation experiences and go back to their daily life with a little more freedom in their heart. The OMOG is like a home, for me as well as for everyone who stays here, and that is so very important to me.


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