Mystics of the East

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A review of well selected public discourses given by Osho on enlightened masters born in the East

Mystics of the EastLooking at the cover, the book immediately attracts with an inexplicable vibrancy, utterly inviting to delve in. It contains extremely rare and beautiful lectures by Osho on mystics of the past such as Atisha, the Baul Mystics, Bodhidharma, Gautama the Buddha, Chuang Tzu, Kabir, Lao Tzu, Mahakashyap, Nansen, Patanjali and Tilopa, which cannot be found in any academic curricula or generally in the literary world.

Each chapter opens with an introduction and sketch of each enlightened master, created by Swami Anand Teertha (Sudi), followed by Osho’s tremendous insight into the lives of those enlightened masters, revealing their specific contribution to humanity.

Many hours of joyful and contemplative reading for all those interested in deeply understanding the message of the masters that is always here-now, no matter in which era they incarnated.

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