Feeding Osho

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Often wondering where this photo was taken, and who the lady is, we now found the answer in a book.

Ageh Bharti writes about the Junagarh (aka Junagadh) Meditation Camp in Gujarat, that took place from December 9 – 12, 1969 in his endearing book Blessed Days with Osho. He had been invited to participate by Jaya Shukla and her husband, Dr. Heman Shukla, who both had arranged the camp.

Ageh Bharti recalls in the book, “During the camp one day, it was a good experience to watch Osho giving a photo session, making different poses as desired by Jaya like an innocent child. One moment is most blessed when Jaya poses offering laddu (Indian ball-shaped sweet) in Osho’s mouth. She held the laddu in-between his lips as the photographer did not click, and Osho’s mouth remains open. Seeing this, everyone laughs. During the photo session, I saw the Divine dancing to the batting of eyelids of the devotee.”

Osho being fed

Reading this passage, I immediately thought this must be the event where the photo we have comes from. However, Ageh Bharti told me that although it is indeed Jaya on the photo with Osho, she is feeding Osho with some food morsels and not laddu in her hand; this particular event took place at a different place.

When Osho began to give sannyas, Jaya became Ma Yoga Meera. Ageh Bharti said, ”She is the most wonderful woman devotee I have seen ever. She died a long way back, during Poona 1 days.”


Read the book: Blessed Days with Osho by Ageh Bharti

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