The Battle of Hastings

Remembering Here&Now

Here the very bare bones about the famous Battle of Hastings:

It was fought during one day, 14 October 1066, between the Norman-French army of Duke William II of Normandy and an English army under the Anglo-Saxon King Harold II, during the Norman conquest of England. The location was approximately 11km north-west of Hastings, close to the present-day town of Battle, East Sussex. It was a decisive Norman victory, resulting in the death of Harold Godwinson, the last King of Anglo Saxon England.

However, what you are seeing here and listening to appears to be an eye witness account of the events on that day, presented by Mahabodh. His body language and intense recollection and description of the actions are penetrating and pictorial and I found myself almost physically catapulted into that great drama.

We hear from Pankaja, who filmed this narrative, that Mahabodh will soon tell us more about the Anglo-Saxons – no doubt another vivid account based on total recall!

Pankaja-Brooke2Pankaja (Panky) spent a year studying at the very first London Film School and wrote 4 published novels before taking sannyas in the early seventies. She has been part of Osho’s communes, mainly in Pune, until Osho left his body. After spending several years travelling around various parts of the world she settled back in London. Now that it is possible to shoot and edit an entire film by oneself she has resumed that longed for career. Her films have been shown at film festivals round the world, a couple receiving a Special Mention.


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