To Our International Leaders

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Thanks to Amari who alerted us to this video.

At the conclusion of the Breakthrough Energy Conference (October 10 -12 2012 at the University of Boulder, Co, USA) Sacha Stone addressed our international ‘leadership’ with a powerful and eloquent monologue. In this ten minute video, he touches upon topics that were discussed during the three days of presentations as well as topics that should be discussed.

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Sacha StoneRhodesian-born Sacha Stone grew up during the Zimbabwean war for independence. A former rock musician, he established Humanitad in 1999 as a neutral organization dedicated to uniting nations, faiths and cultures through the conception and realisation of initiatives and programmes which celebrate the unity of humankind. He is also the director of ‘Last Man Standing’, a documentary about the ongoing persecution of Anand Krishna in Indonesia. He is based between the United Kingdom and Indonesia.

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