… left her body on 16th September in Sedona.

Navin Celebration

Abhiyana has sent us, together with the photo above, some words about her life:

Ma Anand Navin left her body on 16 September 2013 in Sedona, Arizona, after a long & heroic struggle with cancer.

She leaves behind her daughter Sagara, and grandaughter Nina.

Navin came from Switzerland to Osho in the ’70’s after a European tour with a French psychodrama troupe. I really only came to know her in Sedona with the Osho Academy, where she was known for her ability to transform any room into a beautful sacred space. Navin was noble, proud, loving and blatingly honest, always.

A spontaneous ’round the world meditation for Navin was held (via Facebook) on the day following her leaving, She was given a beautiful heart-felt farewell in Sedona, where even her oncologist cried, and shared what a unique patient she was.

She was loved by many, and will be missed.

Navin cr Sandhan
Photo of Navin credit Sandhan
A tribute from Ken, her long-time companion

The world should have stopped
For just a jolting split second
To make us all aware
That something significant had happened
That someone significant had passed

A shooting star
Not content to slowly float up
But rocket past all of our beliefs
Sprung free of gravity
With the Hyper light speed
Of a soul set free

Navin is now officially immortal
Like she always wanted to be
She blew past us
Glittering eyes
Seeing us for who we really are
Like she always did
And loving us all the same

New bliss
Always bringing the new
Different ideas
Impractical ideas
Dragging the old into the future
Then unpredictably throwing it
Back again with disdain
Just to shake us all up

She could argue
Damn she could argue
Circles around anyone
Passionately and fiercely
Nonsensically or accurately
Till you had no choice but to
Run and hide
Or Look inside yourself

She was driven to question
You, you and you
Osho’s true heretic disciple
Itchy uncomfortable
In English or French
But we eventually looked

A world renowned seeker
Antagonist and Friend

She summoned impermanence
Tolerated our attempts
To put down roots
Rebelling when it got to steady
Pulling up stakes
Emptying herself into new adventures


Not Africa
never ever Africa

Some of us tagged along for the ride
Thrilled by the adrenalin
Rushing headlong into the uncommon
Which we could never predict
Hoping to learn something wonderful about ourselves
Emerging wiser

So if you paid attention
If you looked well
If you understood that she
Above all else
Wanted us to live fantastic lives
And not be content to remain still
Or complacent
Or small
Or petty

She wanted us to join her
In thoughts grandiose and brave
In dreams juicy and alive
Dancing to music loud and provocative

If you followed her
Paid attention
Then you’d have a glimpse
A tiny glittering insight
As to the amazing being she has now become

And the lesson to all of us is

That the world did stop
Reset itself into this new dimension
One where we are wiser
More loving
We take for granted less
And seek out happier lives

Because of Navin

ceremony for navin


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Beloved Friends of Navin, so much love pouring out of my heart, so many memories with this beloved woman. I would love to sit in Synchronicty with you, with Osho in honour of Navin or even with Navin. I hope many friends from all over the world can join. Here is the date: Wednesday, Sept 18, 7.30 am, German time (that is Tuesday, Sept. 17, 10.30 pm, Sedona time). I will listen to Angel Love and Silver Wings from Mike Rowland. Love to you,

Fly, fly, fly high,

All day today I kept seeing images of you and us together… making Body Love breakfast together, then again in the little kitchen at the Cafe, making sushi, sharing laughter and play, and other times at your house with your granddaughter… Miss your lovely energy, your warm voice, your beautiful hands… Fly high and free, beloved,

Navin beatiful, adventurous, sweet, compassionate, talented. We shared wonderful times. I am grateful for every second. Now she disappears into the Self. Joy and tears. Good bye, beloved, our hearts beat together for ever.
Vega Nirupo

The world will turn,
and the seasons will change.
And all the lessons we will learn,
will be beautiful and strange.

We’ll have our fill of tears, our share of sighs.
My only prayer, is that you realize.
You’ll always be beautiful, in my eyes.

You will always be, beautiful in my eyes.
And the passing years will show,
that you will always grow,
evermore beautiful, in my eyes.

And there are lines upon my face,
from a lifetime of smiles.
But when the time comes to embrace.
for one long last while.

We can laugh about it, how time really flies.
We won’t say good bye, ’cause true-love never does.
You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes.

From: “Beautiful in my Eyes” by Joshua Kadison – sent by from Pravina and Srajan

…and the mystery continues, beloved Navin. Thank you for wonderful years together in the OSM, way back then…time is anyway just an invention of the mind…love is always, dear fellow travelleress. Fly free,

Beloved Navin, may love follow you.

Beloved Navin, thank you for a little time to walk together on this path of life. Fly high Beloved One, loving you,

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