And Here the Munich MedMob 2013!


Mega writes about this year’s Munich event …

It was Prem Joshua who opened this year’s event on Friday the 13th – and the concert in Pacha on Maximilianplatz was a huge success!


As for the MedMob on the next day – it was raining, so only a few die-hards made it to Monopteros in the English Garden – among them Mareile (aka Varda), Deva Sakshi, Pablo, Mahendra (my partner in crime), Ageha, who flew in all the way from Manali, India, and Santosha, who flew in from California; also dodging the rain were Jayant, Paribuddha, Prasuna – as well as two meditative dogs – a Pug and a Jack Russell!

After the MedMob we all started dancing in the rain – Gene Kelly has nothing on us!

It was still raining when we got to The Meeting of Friends at the Chinese Tower where we were only able to get two tables outside the restaurant, but protected by umbrellas; the restaurant usually only caters inside and all tables were booked for a wedding. However, Pablo persuaded the manager to serve us outside and throughout the afternoon friends came by – Christ Krishna, Adheesh, Jhari (hadn’t seen her since her 1999 birthday in Berlin!) – and another frequent flyer from California, Tina Amrit.

It was fun to meet Facebook friends in real life as well (laughing out loud)!

Ah yes, it finally stopped raining and we all moved to the main Chinese tower area with its green tables. By now it was the evening of September 14th.

During the eighties, Munich’s ‘Disco Orange’ was famous. It had been established in 1981 during the Bhagwan Bavarian Buddhafield where also Eva Renzi (remember the scandal?) showed up. ‘Der Spiegel’ even wrote an article (in German) about it and it was managed by our company, Satori Music Gesellschaft.

As we liked the name we decided to revive it and Anurakta, with whom I had launched the BBB in the first place, gave me permission to use it. The Orange Disco started at 9 pm and we finished at 3 am. Full house! More than 150 friends showed up – a rare occurrence since the ‘sannyas scene’ as we know it seems to have largely disappeared.

In a nutshell, we had a blast!

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