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Visual Alchemy’s calendar for 2014.

Printed calendars are as anachronistic as carrying a Filofax or wearing a watch. Nevertheless, we always find a piece of wall, in the office or the kitchen, where we can hang a calendar we have received as a gift. We admire the picture while passing by, until we realise that the month has ended, turn to a new sheet and say: “How quickly also this month has gone by! Look at this beautiful new picture.”

A few months ago we were approached by a German publisher specialised in calendars who asked us how they could contact Bill Brouard from Visual Alchemy. They had seen many of his pieces illustrating some of our articles and essays, and wanted to include his mandalas in one of their calendars. We were very pleased to hear that the collaboration worked out so well that they dedicated a whole calendar to his art.

Mandala Calendar by Visual Alchemy

Bill’s reply to our question:

“Why I create mandalas? I first started creating digital artwork as a therapeutic means of overcoming grief when my eldest son Tristan died about 6 years ago at the age of 28 after suffering from complications of MS. I found that creating artwork and poetry was very effective in helping me to heal myself. The more I created art the more I got interested in sacred geometry and mandalas were a perfect vehicle for my artistic outpouring. I also started getting a lot of positive feedback from various friends on Facebook which prompted me to start a fan page called Visual Alchemy.”

We feel a special connection with Bill because whenever we take a quick break from publishing articles and snoop in Facebook to see what family and friends are doing, we inevitably find exactly the picture we needed to complete an article. Without searching, it is right there: Bill had posted it just a few minutes ago, and it fits perfectly with the mood of the article we had left unfinished.

This synchronicity makes us think of him as one of our (unofficial) collaborators. That he likes the articles where his illustrations are used, encourages us to always ask for more. One reason why we are very pleased to promote his calendar, which can be purchased via and If you live in Germany, Switzerland or Austria it should be found in all major bookshops or, alternatively, you can buy it online directly from the publisher: Vision Creativ Verlag.

Vision Creativ Verlag (trading from Klütz in Germany) has published six calendars for 2014: Feng Shui, Zen, Buddhas, Mandalas, Indian gods and Chinese astrology. Here’s a preview:

Vision Creativ Verlag 2014 calendars 1

Vision Creativ Verlag 2014 calendars

Vision Creativ  Verlag 2014 calendars

Above calendars can all be purchased via
Visual Alchemy Facebook page

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