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Kaiyum reviews two books by Carol Bowman.

Imagine that you’re driving along in your car with your young child on the back seat. He’s two years old and has begun putting words together in a semblance of sentences. You’re driving in an area of a town that’s totally new to you. All of a sudden your little boy says, in correct and perfect English, in a calm voice that you’ve never heard before, “That’s where I used to live with my wife and children.” Or: “This is the place where I was killed when my car went off the road.”


You’re reading this now and you may be having all sorts of reactions. But there’s a good chance that you may experience some confusion and an inclination to disbelieve your ears – or eyes! – and to have no idea how you should actually respond.

Carol BowmanCarol, a ‘normal’ American mother, experienced something similar with both her children, a boy and a girl. In the first of the two books she describes her disbelief … and how she gradually changed her mind and her beliefs.

These experiences with her children were so unbelievable yet challenging that she decided that she would carry out further, extensive investigation. This path of personal development has resulted in a prominent place in the world of reincarnation and above all in the area of providing support to parents when their children start relating ‘incredible’ stories or begin behaving in abnormal or strange ways.


Her profound research, both scientific and empirical, has revealed that a surprisingly high percentage of children continue to be in touch with a world from where they appear to have come.

In other words, a ‘doorway’ is still open to the world of spirit or soul before physical birth, and surprisingly often open to the physical world where their souls lived in a previous incarnation.

Carol helps parents to understand and accept the normalcy of what they experience with their children. By feeling validated and respected in this new reality, they are better able to support their children. The children in their turn feel validated and respected, and this turns out to be just what is required to resolve otherwise inexplicable health or behavioural issues. As is often the case, regular doctors can provide no solution beyond prescribing various forms of tranquilliser, giving the child a ‘label’ or saying “she’ll grow out of it.”

What children do

When talking about abnormal behaviour, it can be anything in a huge range of possibilities: recurring nightmares, telling ‘ridiculous stories’, strange sensitive areas of skin or asthma (which disappear with remarkable rapidity after the parents validate and respect the child and the reality of its experiences). It can be fear of fireworks (children who relive a death experience in wartime) or fear of aircraft that fly overhead (death by bombing) and much, much more.

Carol did her research thoroughly and discovered just how much had already been written, and surprisingly by mainstream academics such as Dr Helen Wambach (psychologist) and Dr Raymond Moody (medical doctor). Above all, she came across the incredibly detailed scientific work carried out by the psychiatrist, Dr Ian Stevenson, who set out to create the largest global collection of incidents of possible reincarnation. His objective and precise work in many countries around the world, but chiefly in Asiatic countries, leads to but one conclusion … that reincarnation is an undeniable reality.

The first book …

Children's Past Lives by Carol Bowman‘Children’s past lives’ relates simply and directly how Carol dealt with her scepsis. How she came to meet a hypnotherapist – no coincidence! – who in a relaxed and no-nonsense way helped her children to ‘land’ in this life, thus helping them to close the door to their past lives and releasing them from their old memories.

Carol uses a large number of exciting and well-documented examples to describe how experiences in previous lives can influence behaviour and experience in this current life and be the source of sickness that does not respond to medical intervention.

She tells how she came to be invited onto the Oprah Winfrey show and how that event initiated a flood of stories from parents who, through her words and attitude, felt that she would take them seriously. After all, who could they share their stories with? Too few people, unfortunately.

Carol is dedicated to effecting change in how people respond to ‘strange’ stories and behaviour in their children and to expanding knowledge about and acceptance of the reality of the memories that these children express in one way or another. She is clear about the importance of integrating this level of experience, which is largely refuted in the cognitive West yet considered totally normal in the East.

In the second book …

Return from Heaven by Carol BowmanCarol focuses more closely on cases of a soul reincarnating in the same family, whether to the same parents or to relatives within the family at large. A son returns home safely from the war in Vietnam only to be killed within a few days in a car crash in the neighbourhood. Two months later his (married) sister gives birth to a son that later shows clear signs of being the reincarnated soldier son.

The wonderfully varied and well-documentd stories can touch the reader deeply. The wide range of examples show that acceptance of reincarnation provides a solution to many inexplicable problems, health issues, situations and experiences.

Broad background

In the second book – by which time Carol has completed her studies and is a recognised therapist – you can also read about other cultures where reincarnation is accepted and normal, and where daily life includes an awareness of what happens to the soul or spirit after physical death. For example, many readers will already have heard of ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’, from which Carol quotes – as one significant source – to explain what many children experience and describe.

For whom?

Maybe you are one of that group of readers who already know that it’s all nonsense. You won’t even read this sort of book.

Or perhaps you belong to the group of readers who suspect that reincarnation is part of current reality. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing unusual or remarkable happenings with your children and are open to exploring the best way to deal with them. Carol’s books provide clear, simple, step-by-step instructions and guidelines for parents and carers who feel challenged by their children’s significant statements.

There’s a last group of readers – the ‘believers’ – who already accept reincarnation as part of their life reality; these books read like the icing on the cake. That’s certainly my case, considering my work as a therapist. See the relevant page with examples on David’s HealthCheck.

Easy to read

What is so remarkable about Carol is the normal and down to earth way she approaches her subject and how simply and directly she writes. No dogma, no complicated theories, just ‘this is the way it is’ and ‘judge for yourself’.

Want a good, nourishing, interesting read? Well, these two books are full of recognition and sources of learning as well as providing the opportunity to expand your view of life in every direction.

Review by Kaiyum (David Bloch)

Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman

Return from Heaven: Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family by Carol Bowman

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