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Devakrishna wins 2nd prize at Swiss Arts Contest 2013


Kunst Forum International organised a vernissage and exhibit for the winners of the Swiss Artist Contest 2013 at the Del Mese Fischer Gallery situated in Meisterschwanden, in the idyllic Swiss countryside near Zurich. The exhibition ran from 12 October – 2 November 2013 and was very well visited. Also quite a few friends of Devakrishna showed up at the vernissage on 12th October 2013.

He said, “It seems people feel the lightness and freshness of my art. It is not very much related to, or conditioned by what is happening in the art world today. Mostly what is exhibited is more a finger pointer or a reminder of the ugliness which is happening everywhere. It makes me happy to hear the feedback I constantly get for my art: that it is light, happy, colourful and fresh.”


Devakrishna sent us this beautiful review of his painting by famous Italian art critic Professor Angelo Calabrese. For all of you who speak Italian, we show here also the original as Devakrishna said the poetry of Prof. Calabrese is expressed beautifully and just doesn’t sound the same in English.

Motivations for the 2nd prize to artist D.M. Giollo with work # 158

“The immediate impact is felt as a concrete allusion to the physical, which is the body and shadow of existence. It reminds us of unattainable heights and verifies confluences in the valley, where currents of lives and civilizations converge from opposite sides, depositing many treasures to be investigated. This ‘archaeological’ survey meets, in-between those interferences, signals, footprints and deposits, which are testimonies of splendors, dreams and yearnings that were, and continue to pass, proposing the poetry of remembrance, of the magnificence of all the little things that give meaning to life where there is more life.”

Professor Angelo Calabrese

Motivazioni del 2° premio all’artista D.M. Giollo con l’opera # 158

L’impatto immediato fa avvertire la concreta allusione alla fisicità, che è corpo e ombra dell’esistenza. Fa pensare ad altezze irraggiungibili e verifica confluenze a valle, dove da opposti versanti convergono correnti di esistenze e civiltà, depositando tanti tesori da investigare. L’indagine ‘archeologica’ incontra, tra quelle interferenze, segnali, orme e depositi, che sono testimonianze di splendori, sogni e desideri che furono e continuano a transitare, proponendosi alla poesia del ricordo, della magnificenza delle piccole cose che danno senso alla vita dove ha piú vita.

Professor Angelo Calabrese

DevakrishnaDevakrishna (aka Marco Giollo or just plain Krishna) was one of the workers in Deeksha’s kitchen where most Italian speakers ended up in Pune 1. He was one of those who instigated the music at the drive-bys on the Ranch and later played in the percussion section of Nivedano’s Oshoba band. After returning to his native Switzerland he started painting again, remembering the techniques he had learned at art school in Lugano. He now lives with his wife Meera in Switzerland.


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