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… left her body on 1st February 2014.

From Dhyan Ilaa we hear that Prem Vinit left peacefully on Saturday afternoon around 4:30pm in her house at Viña del Mar Chile. She was surrounded by family and friends. She had been suffering from cancer.

Vinit grew up in Chile where she studied at the School of Fine Arts (Escuela de Bellas Artes) in Santiago. She learned how to work with clay, stone and marble, and to make jewellery. When she settled in Paris, she studied traditional jewellery-making and the art of mime. For many years she worked in theatres in Chile and Europe.

Vinit became a sannyasin quite early on and lived in Pune for many years. In 1988 she made a sculpture of Osho and sent a photograph of it to Osho who liked it very much and asked her to make another one but four to five feet tall, for the planned Osho Auditorium. She also made the sculpture which is located in the Osho Teerth Park behind the Resort. In her portfolio we find many other sculptures and drawings she made of her master.

Vinit with goat
Vinit showing a drawing of Osho
Vinit working on Osho sculpture
Vinit next to Osho sculpture in Osho Teerth Park
samadhi cr shunyam small
Vinit miming

Photos thanks to her website and Ahuti

All art is about melting in love with the object one is creating. To melt with Osho and express his spirit in my art, is a deep fulfillment for me.”

After living in India for 16 years she returned to Chile where she also worked as a Reiki teacher and Tarot reader.

Two days before Vinit’s death, while sitting and meditating with her, she communicated this message to her niece:

Everything was important in my existence.

I am fulfilled, but I have to visit many more places.

The love I received from you and I felt I give back to you.

Tears clean the Heart and the Soul.

My path is coming to an end.

I have lived a full life, but also full of empty spaces.

Forgive me for what I have done and also for what I have not.

Your souls calm down and so is mine.

I have felt the lack of not being a mother, but I love my nieces.

My path is full of trees that have grown at different times in my life.

Many are waiting for me, but the connection is done gradually, slowly, slowly….

Every moment of life is a treasure, guard it, because with this treasure you present yourself to the Grandiose Light I cannot explain…

I am happy and at peace.

I love you all.

I cannot express in words what I am feeling.


To Maila: What is far away in this life is so close. There are nor barriers neither obstacles.

Quenita: Our friendship is glorious.

Family: I give you my Blessings again. The rest you will feel when your time arrives.

Everything is so immense, I cannot explain….

Nothing more

Thanks to Dhyan Ilaa


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Beloved Vinit, bye, in gratefulness of having met you… farewell…

Your magnificent puppets, your amazing mime work, and you, everyday working in the Creative Arts gardens on your sculptures and pots…. whatever became of the marble head and shoulders of Osho you created for the Samadhi…? A loving bright creative imagination, though you had not been in Pune for a number of years, your presence has been sorely missed.

A la familia de Vinit. Tuve el gusto de estar con ella en Pune en el 2001. Estaba trabajando como siempre en sus esculturas bellas de Osho, que hacia con mucho amor, trabajaba a la vez con una sannyasins venezolana que pintaba y hacia clases, lindos momentos. Un gran abrazo Vinit donde estés. Amor atraves de Osho,

Beloved Vinit, the momments with you were jewels. You are remarkable. Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ, the puppets are amazing and your art transcendental…
Zorba Azarmard

Beloved Vinit, I remember you from Creative Arts and how tirelessly you worked on Osho’s statue, year after year, and MADE it happen through your trust and devotion. Fly high, Beloved One!

Have a wonderful journey, love. Your smile is here always,
Satyam Vinaya

Beautiful Vinit, bye beloved friend, fly high. Thanks you for your smile, support and creativity.
Loly Rose

Beloved Vinit, so many beautiful moments shared! Such a talented artist and devotee of Osho. I will certainly miss you, but I know you are flying high; as your meditation and love was the only purpose in this life. We will all remember you in your beautiful statues which carry the spirit of Osho. Fly high, Beloved!

Muchas gracias, Vinit. It was a pleasure, an honor and a delight to meet a true Master of Arts. You are (yes, still are) the embodiment of the creative force of the universe. You have always been sharing your talents (how many!) with grace, joy, serenity and humility. I bow down to the eternal source of creativity that you represent. Love,

Beloved Vinit, I remember the evening you walked in to my birthday party at the ashram. A fat book tucked under one arm, the usual, sweet smile on your lips. You saw me and raised the other arm, “Ok ok, you don’t like this book! You don’t read Hindi? No problem, I told the bookshop to allow you an exchange.” More smiles and a warm hug from you.
The next day you took me to the bust of Osho you had sculpted. Incredibly beautiful. Then your excellent mime performances, your puppets, your drawings. Awesome talent Ma.
You seemed to take it all in your stride. No ego, no blah blah. Your quiet non-presence is here to stay with me. Always.
Rest in peace, beloved Vinit. Osho must be happy indeed to have you back.
Lovingly yours,

I loved the time of Poona 2 with Vinit, when we were hidden away somewhere in the back of the Ashram sculpturing and playing with forms, roaming around in the city to look for tools and materials. It was such a great freedom, such joyful space thanks to Osho. I have never again experienced such carefree moments.
Prem Matthias

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