The Last White Man

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An exhilarating novel by Anand Subhuti

The Last White Man Ah, such a thrilling read – I didn’t put the book down until I had reached the finale; way too gripping!

The unusual and stimulating plot centres generally on the Koregaon Park, Pune, locale and is spiced with descriptions and scenes that any former visitor to the area will remember and smile about, or erupt in uproarious laughter.

The hero, Mr. Stephen Parkhurst, is a public relations employee who carelessly works for an IT company in Silicon Valley that outsources projects to Pune, after his well-known eatery in Goa was taken over by the Russian mafia. When he is about to lose his job unless he manages to get an Indian magnate to buy the outfit, he falls in love with the very man’s beautiful wife, Sakshi.

A variety of at first mystifying occurrences come to the fore, from Tantric rituals and Kali appearances to intriguing past life vignettes based on the historic character of William Henry Sleeman, involving the Thugees and their cult. Readers of John Masters’ novels will cheer.  Meanwhile the besotted Parkhurst’s life turns dangerous corners and whilst he tries to survive he also has to face his arrogant and superior British expat ways.

To say more would reveal too much of the story which is full of twists and turns and laced with a lot of wit. Highly recommended enjoyable reading.

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SubhutiAnand Subhuti has been a disciple of Osho for 38 years. He first came to Pune in 1976 and has been a regular visitor to India ever since. In the 70s, he worked in Osho’s Press Office and in 1981 travelled with the mystic to Oregon, where he founded and edited The Rajneesh Times newspaper. Subhuti has also written a book about his life with Osho, titled ‘My Dance with a Madman’, also available on and

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