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Eggs have been part of man’s food chain for thousands of years.

The debate among vegetarians over eating eggs goes back to religious practices, such as in Hinduism; vegetarian Hindus consider eggs to be meat. However, eggs have incredible potent nutrients and proteins, vital for one’s intelligence.

That’s why in my commune I have allowed vegetarian eggs. All the vegetarians of the world should allow vegetarian eggs, because they supply the necessary proteins for intelligence; otherwise, just vegetarian food is not enough. They will be against me, because just the word “egg” is enough for them to be against me. But these eggs are simply pure vegetable, because they don’t have the male sperm. They are not going to give birth to anything. They are not alive, so you are not killing anybody. For all vegetarians of the world, unfertilized eggs should become an essential part of the menu.

Osho, From Bondage to Freedom, Ch 30, Q 2 (excerpt)

For years people have been brainwashed into thinking that eating eggs ups their cholesterol levels; it has now been proven to be untrue. The Australian Heart Foundation asserts that “eggs are very nutritious. They contain good quality protein, lots of vitamins and minerals, and mostly the healthier polyunsaturated fat.

“The dietary cholesterol in eggs has only a small insignificant effect on blood LDL cholesterol, so you can enjoy up to six eggs each week as part of a healthy balanced diet.”

Also, the fad that has survived for several years, namely only eating the egg whites (think white omelette) has been shown to be detrimental to one’s health as the proteins in the egg white need the yolk to be digested properly.

Many western vegetarians nowadays include non-fertilised eggs in their diet and also enjoy dairy products; they are called lacto-vegans.

Most eggs available for purchase are non-fertilised; they are from chickens who grow up in farms and have an allotted 72 weeks lifespan before they end up being slaughtered and processed into other food items, such as hot dogs or pink slime. In the factory shown in this video, 144,000 unfertilised eggs are being processed per hour.

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Truly free-range eggs are hard to come by these days, meaning from happy chickens that run around in the yard, scraping the dirt for worms to eat and generally roam quite freely. But with a bit of effort, one can find them and surely the energy an egg contains that was laid by a happy chicken will be different compared to the one of a chicken slave in a factory!


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