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Shanti Udgiti shares her mandalas

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A mandala is born out of silence; it comes from a vacuum, from nothing. It forms itself and unfolds under the amazed gaze of those who paint it. They have no choice than that of giving in to its own will.

To look at a mandala is a game of mirrors; the reflected image and the onlooker merge until they both disappear. At first sight it is a world of shapes and colors. To grasp its harmony is already a first step; but then allow yourself to be drawn in by the center and pushed out again toward the edges. You will find yourself again in the center, after jumps and slides. You go beyond the door.

Rejoice the fantasy, hear the touching wave. When not only your eyes are involved, but something deep inside which gives you a nudge, makes you feel soft, smooth, something which conjures memories, passionate movements, something which wakes you up and calms you down, you know your are inside the mandala.

Then you could lose yourself as if in a labyrinth, leave or go beyond, confused. But if you look at the source of its creation you return to the center. Perhaps you find a motionless center but nonetheless full of strength, throbbing; or a vortex that erupts, or conversely, that sucks you in. But certainly it always calls you and brings you back to the center. Your center.

Shanti UdgitiShanti Udgiti was born in Siena and lived in Florence, where she took a degree in Philosophy and Anthropology. In 1984 she took sannyas in Oregon and lived and worked in Osho’s commune. In Pune she was in Healing Arts, the Mystery School, in Creative Arts, and also worked in the samadhi. She now lives near Verona where, in her studio, she teaches courses and training in Mandala Painting and colour therapy; she also gives Reiki workshops, No Mind and Mystic Rose.

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