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Bhagawati reviews Paripurn’s second book in continuation of ‘The Invisible Actor, Book I’.

De onzitchbare acteurParipurn (Pari Alexander Schoorel) is foremost an actor, director, classical singer, composer and playwright – and last but not least an author, having just recently published his second book.

He writes in the ‘Introduction’ that one day while listening to the discourse series The New Dawn he felt that Osho urged him to publish this book as soon as possible as it contains a crucial message which he sensed Osho was asking him to formulate – about the desperate situation of mankind upon this earth, and the great threat that all life on earth will be wiped out very soon if we do not take a great responsibility now, all of us.

It is Paripurn’s understanding that mankind has missed many times the chance to grow in consciousness when enlightened people walked upon this earth, and that these rare enlightened people were mostly killed as quickly as possible. In the ‘Prologue’ of this volume, he added a long discourse excerpt from The New Dawn series where Osho speaks about his treatment in the American prisons.

When you have something to share –
don’t stop there, share it.
Humanity is in need,
as it has never been in need,
of people who can create new hope
for a new dawn.
Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 14

Paripurn has an out-of-the-ordinary story to tell about his life – a harrowing childhood in Japanese war camps in Indonesia and the consequences, years of an initially inexplicable illness as an adult, yet also about his successful artistic adventures and travels (in particular to his favorite country, Australia) and – the inner journey, when he became Osho’s sannyasin, which for him was “a matter of life and death.”

He offers up cheerful and mournful anecdotes, “by a seeker who watches the world in wonder and amazement.” He writes especially about his concerts and his music, his meetings and meditation camps with Arun, many encounters with colourful and charming people, his experiences in theatre, film and television. He asserts that “Trying to become more conscious is to not imply becoming serious! Seriousness has flawed people through the ages, made them fearful and prone for manipulation. Osho always emphasises that celebrating life is the most religious quality a human being can have. Not without reason Osho has garlanded most of his thousands of lectures with jokes…”

At the end of his book Paripurn says: “The responsibility we have, in order to save life on this planet, is terribly great. And, listening to my Master Osho, during thirty years now, has clarified my insights immensely. I know that in those thirty years I’ve come closer to myself again and again. A little bit of my regained lightness and perhaps of my regained insight, I wanted to share with you.”

The book is lavishly illustrated with more than 130 photographs.

Both volumes are available in Dutch and hopefully publications in English will be obtainable soon.

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Paripurn TNParipurn was born in the Dutch Indies, now Indonesia. Back in Holland, at age 23 he became famous for his dual role in the film ‘Like Two Drops of Water’, regarded to be the best Dutch feature film ever. He played major roles for theatre and TV and notably launched a career as a singer and composer of classical music. He took sannyas in 1984. He lives with his beloved, Manjula, in a quiet little village in the north of Holland.

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