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Tales from The Woodshed – by Dinraj

For those not familiar with the expression ‘woodshedding’, it is a common word musicians like to use to describe a period of time spent with one’s instrument both practicing and studying. Typically this period is early in one’s development, but it can occur many times throughout one’s life. The ‘shed” can be a house, a studio, and I have even heard of musicians passing this period under city bridges.

As for me, I enjoyed this ritual this winter after some years of distance from the guitar. At the same time, I was getting familiar with a video making software, and decided to strut my stuff without having to leave the cozy ‘shed’ and aptly titled them ‘Tales from the Woodshed’…

Look forward to adding some more soon…


DinrajDinraj was born in Upstate New York. After teaching himself the guitar, he took lessons with a local jazz guitar mentor. The desire to travel carried him across the globe, and eventually to Pune, in 2001. There he took sannyas and started learning the Indian sarod, joined the music department and, for many years, performed with English singer Neera. He now lives in Rome and is completing his first solo music project, showcasing his compositions.

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