Energy Soup


Nirvana shares one of her creations:

Energy soup by Nirvana

for two portions

bio coconut oil or olive oil, a good table spoon
2 onions
1 piece fresh ginger
1 garlic clove
1 teaspoon curcuma (turmeric/haldi)
1 teaspoon curry powder
2 tomatoes
bunch of greens (either lettuce, spinach, broccoli, or green beans)
bunch of sprouts (if you make them yourself)
tofu cubes, according to hunger!
salt, pepper, soya sauce
a squeeze of lemon juice
(some cooked brown rice can be added)


You find bio coconut oil in most places these dayw. Olive oil is very good too, but coconut oil is better when heated. (I prefer to use olive oil on raw in salads, not in cooking).

Gently fry the coconut oil, add the two sliced onions and a very finely cut piece of fresh ginger. A garlic clove, also cut very finely, is good too but some don’t like to mix onions with garlic (I have no problem with mixing them).

Add a teaspoon of curcuma and a teaspoon of curry powder. Mix everything and stir in two sliced tomatoes. Add some water into the mixture to boil the greens (lettuce, young spinach, beans, broccoli). They should not take more than 10 minutes to be cooked. (I like them a bit ‘al dente’, like you would get in Thailand.)

Add the tofu cubes, the sprouts, some basil, parsley, coriander.

Salt and pepper or soya sauce.

Separately cook some brown rice and add one or two big spoon fulls per person to the soup, according to hunger. You can also add dinkel pasta instead.

Like all soups it keeps for days, but in that case I would not add garlic.

Voila, la recette du jour de Nirvana.

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